Journeys in Latin America - January to June 2009

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Buenos Aires,,,, and back to Mendoza

Hey ho,

Since i last updated i have been doing a bit more travelling, perhaps unsurprisingly. I headed to the big bad city of Buenos Aires and although I can confirm that it is indeed big, i could find very little "bad" about it at all. In my 5 days of exploring on foot and by metro, i found the city to be diverse and above all extremely friendly and helpful, pretty much down to everyone i had anything to do with. And a very relaxed attitude with no hint of all the scare stories you hear about people being robbed that dog pretty much every city´s word-of-mouth information collection. I met up with my friend Vic after 2 days and then we had an excellent couple of days wandering in the suburbs of Palermo, La Boca, San Telmo, Puerto Madero & the area around the Plaza de Mayo and the Microcentro. Photos will follow eventually, mostly taken by Vic - i still wasn´t that keen to be flashing my lensware around poor neighbourhoods like La Boca...

And now, we are back in Mendoza... This is due to some timing issues with 2 more friends that are going to be arriving in just over a week - we didn´t want to wait in BA for too long so we have come back to the wine country for a bit more bebiendo de buen vinos and another little excursion into the Andean Valleys to let Vic see her first sights of that immense mountain range.

We will be taking a wine tasting tour around several of the local vineyards tomorrow which i have been looking forward to for a while... More pics soon!


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